10 Signs You Should Revamp Your Logo

Filed under: Graphic Design

Your logo represents your business visually, driving the aesthetics and emotional impact of your entire brand. And so, while it seems like a small concern, your logo is actually one of the most important parts of your business. When done well, a good logo can create brand loyalty and boost sales. When done poorly… well… you know.

So, you might be wondering if you need a new logo. If any of these signs pertain to you – especially if several of them make you nod your head – then a new logo should be on the top of your to-do list.

Brand marketing concept with brand tagIt’s outdated. As times change, so does fashion. And your logo might simply look old.

It’s confusing. Maybe it looks like something else, or your customers just don’t “get it”.

It isn’t distinct. If your logo looks too much like another company’s (especially a competitor), then it isn’t doing a good job representing your brand.

Your logo seems cliché. You were going for trendy, but now your logo just comes off as “cutesy”. Trends are important in business, but if you overdo it, it just looks like you’re trying too hard.

You used a stock logo. Maybe you made this choice for practical reasons when you were first starting out. A stock logo is cheap and easy to access from a stock website. But other businesses can also use it, meaning you won’t set yourself apart from the crowd.

It’s unprofessional. If your logo seems “homemade”, that is the impression that customers will form of your business. It sounds a bit harsh, but the business world can be tough and competitive. It’s time to compete!

Your logo was originally created in Paint or Word. Originally, you did this to cut costs, but over time you’ve begun to see problems with this decision. Your logo looks fuzzy in printed format, and it doesn’t scale properly in digital format.

It doesn’t look right everywhere you use it. A good logo is flexible, and looks great in any setting. You should be able to use it online, in print, on a billboard, and so on.

You’ve outgrown it. Over the years, your business will change. You might offer new products and services, or develop a different business philosophy. At some point, you might feel that your logo just doesn’t represent you anymore.

You just don’t like it. At some point, you paid money for a logo that you’ve never really liked. Shouldn’t you love your own logo? More importantly, shouldn’t your customers love it?

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