2016 Is a Great Time to Go Solar!

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More and more people are showing an interest in solar energy these days. We all want to invest in renewable energy sources and keep our planet healthy, but we also want to save money! As you know, solar energy can save you money by drawing most or all of your electricity from the sun. And if the cost of installing a solar energy system worries you, there is actually a federal tax credit to help you afford your energy upgrade.

solar systemUnfortunately, you might have been told that your big chance to “go solar” is ending in December, and that making the switch will be much more expensive in 2016. That’s not true at all! Next year is a great time to install a solar energy system, and here are three reasons why.

The federal energy tax credit will last through 2016. You might have heard that the federal tax credit for installing a solar system will be expiring at the end of this year. Actually, that’s not true, even though a salesperson might tell you otherwise to create a sense of urgency. The federal tax credit, which amounts to 30 percent of your contract price, does not end until December 31 of 2016. So you still have a year to install your solar system and take advantage of the credit.

Is my city offering a limited-time rebate for installing solar energy systems? We can’t say with any certainty that no cities in the nation are offering such a rebate. But what we can tell you is that some solar energy companies in California are making this claim about the cities of Temecula, Murrieta, and surrounding areas. The truth is that these cities are not offering solar energy rebates. Some solar companies are simply marking up the price of their products and installation, and then marking them back down so that you feel as if you took advantage of a limited-time rebate.

Net metering credits homeowners for solar energy they contribute to the grid. As you might expect, solar energy systems often generate more power than owners need during the day. But of course, you will need to pull power from the grid at night. SC Edison has established a net metering program which credits homeowners for power they send to the grid. You can use these credits to offset any electric bill you might receive (from using power at night). As you can imagine, these credits can add up to a significant savings on your electric bill!

If you can’t install your new solar energy system by the end of 2015, there is no need to panic. All of the above advantages will still be available to you next year, making 2016 a great year to switch to solar energy. For more information on our solar energy systems, tax credits, and installation pricing, give us a call at New Day Solar: (855) 444- 6329