Open Enrollment: What it Means for 2019 Health Insurance Coverage

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Most products and services can be purchased all year long, but health insurance is one thing that is only available at certain times of the year. For most health insurance companies, it is open enrollment time in November and December. What does that mean for your insurance coverage?

Jonathan Nolan
JPN Insurance

Right now is the best time of year to consider your insurance plan and explore options to ensure optimal coverage for your family in 2019. It is possible that your current health care coverage could be changing. Or, you might find another insurance plan that is a better fit for your family. Since you have an open window of time to make changes to your insurance coverage, take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about your options.

New Insurance Sign-Ups and Re-Enrollment

Even if you are satisfied with your current insurance plan, most companies require that you re-enroll for the following calendar year. So, you need to take action during the open enrollment period to ensure that you have the necessary coverage required for the upcoming year.

The actual dates for open enrollment vary. The best thing that you can do is talk to your employer for information about open enrollment dates (if your insurance coverage is offered through your job). Also, have a conversation with an insurance provider to compare all of the options that are available in the industry.

Qualifying Events

While open enrollment is the most common time of year to sign up for insurance coverage, there are times when a qualifying event allows you to change insurance coverage during other times of the year. These qualifying events include any major life changes that resulted in the loss of insurance coverage or an addition to your family.

Here are a few examples of qualifying events that might affect your insurance coverage:

  • Starting a new job
  • Losing a job
  • Change in marital status
  • Aging off a plan through a parent
  • Having a baby

When one of these qualifying events occurs, it is essential that you discuss your options with an insurance provider.

Whether you need details about open enrollment, qualifying life events, or any other insurance information, our team is here to assist. Call us at JPN Insurance Services to learn about the various options that are available: (951) 443-9925