2022 Resolutions: Carpet Care Tips for the New Year

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Christmas decorations are packed away in storage and families are starting to get back into the regular routine of work, school, and life in general. When the calendar turns to a New Year, it’s a great time for reflection and looking forward with to possibilities in the future.

Most people are starting the New Year with a fresh commitment to regular exercise, budgeting, organization, or any other category in life they feel needs extra attention. What are your resolutions for 2022? If you want to focus on home maintenance, then consider these goals to care for your carpets – keeping them fresh and beautiful all year long:

Vacuuming Schedule

Commit to a consistent vacuuming schedule to reduce soil buildup and minimize damage to carpet fibers. Not only does vacuuming remove the visible messes on the carpet, but it also pulls up the dirt beneath the surface that usually causes the most wear and tear to the fibers. When dirt is pushed deep into the carpet, it rubs against the fibers every time someone walks across the carpet. The truth is that carpets work as filters to catch dirt, dust, and particles – which is why vacuuming once or twice a week is essential.

Add New Rugs and Mats

Use those gift cards and take advantage of the New Year sales! Buying new rugs and mats is an essential step to protecting your carpets in the highest trafficked areas of your house. Not only do rugs and mats trap dirt and grime, but they also reduce wear and tear on the carpets.

Annual Carpet Cleaning

Even if you are proactive about vacuuming and cleaning up stains when spills occur, it’s also a good investment to bring in an expert cleaning team at least once a year. Steam cleaning using professional carpet cleaning equipment sanitizes the floors and pulls up the embedded dirt. These services keep your family healthy and protect the quality of your carpets at the same time.

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