3 Brain Hacks to Maximize Daily Success

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Jim McLaughlin
Transformational Business Coach

Personal productivity is the foundation of all types of success, whether in business or personal goals. As a business owner, you need to optimize your time and look for ways to boost your success. These efforts will help you create an environment that encourages your managers and employees to increase their productivity as well.

Work smarter, not harder! Look for ways that you can multiply your efforts without increasing your work hours each day:

1. Structure Your Day

Start the morning by completing the most important tasks before you are distracted by other things that need to be addressed. The first task of the morning should be focused on your daily rejuvenation ritual to care for your body and mind. For example, you might exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, and spend time reading business books or working on personal development. Then, pick the most important business task to complete before you give your attention to distractions such as email management or office meetings.

2. Stop Multitasking

If you want to maximize your brain use, then it is essential that you focus on one task at a time. It might seem like a good idea to multitask to get more done during the day. But, research has shown that overall productivity drops when a person is doing multiple things. Pick one task at a time and follow through until completion before moving onto the next item.

3. Minimize Busy Work

As a business owner or manager, you are hindering the success of your organization if you are spending time on busy work. Assign an employee or outsourced contractor to help with things such as data entry and filing paperwork. Some busy work tasks can’t be avoided, but they can be minimized during the day. For example, set two or three times during the day when you check your email, instead of allowing your daily schedule to be dictated by the emails that you receive.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can maximize your success each day, then you need to consider hiring a business coach. Call Jim McLaughlin for Leadership Development for Business Owners and Managers to learn how he can help: (951) 225-2179