3 Common Myths about Kitchen Cleaning

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The regular use of the kitchen means that this room can be one of the dirtiest areas of the house. Even if you are consistent with washing the dishes and sweeping the floor, it is important to schedule regular times for deep cleaning.

The right strategies and a good cleaning schedule will ensure that your kitchen not only sparkles, but it is a clean, safe environment for meal preparation. Here are a few common myths about kitchen cleaning:

  1. The Floor is the Dirtiest Area in the Kitchen: It is easy to assume that the floors are the dirtiest parts of the kitchen because of everyone who walks through the room each day. But the surface of the sinks and drains are filled with microscopic compounds since they are often exposed to raw meat and other germs. If you want to keep your kitchen free of harmful pathogens, then it is essential to maintain a sterilized sink and counter space.
  2. Polish is the Best Way to Clean Stainless Steel: While polish will make your appliances look nice, the truth is that these products don’t clean well enough to remove the germs and dirt. Polish has no added ingredients for disinfectant or detergent. The best solution for maintaining a germ-free surface on the appliance is to spray with an all-purpose cleaner to wash before adding the polish.
  3. It’s Good Enough to Spray and Wipe the Counters: Many homeowners have a false peace of mind in the cleanliness of the counter surface when spraying the area with a disinfectant product and quickly wiping down the surface. While these cleaners can help to remove some of the bacteria immediately, the truth is that all-purpose cleaners shouldn’t be wiped too quickly. Instead, the product should be sprayed and remain for a few minutes before wiping the surface to finish the cleaning.

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