3 Factors that Limit Happiness for Small Business Owners

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Owning a small business means that you are living the American dream! Many people talk about running a company or launching a start-up, and there are many of these types of opportunities in the United States.

As a small business owner, do you find that you aren’t as happy or satisfied as you thought you would be? Here are a few factors that might be limiting your happiness:

1. Working too Many HoursFactors that Limit Happiness for Business Owners

Even if you enjoy your work, it’s not worth the sacrifice of giving up time for your family or hobbies. If you are spending long days in the office, then the work is likely having a negative impact on your happiness and satisfaction. Instead of trudging through these long days, it is better to look for opportunities to maximize your time and improve your effectiveness.

2. Controlling All the Details

One major factor that often contributes to long work hours is the need to have control over every aspect of the company. If you are spending your time on the busy work, then you are missing out on management opportunities to improve your company. Instead of micro-managing everything, it is better to hire the right employees and let those people handle the small details instead.

3. Working Only for Money

There is a big difference in business satisfaction if you are only working for money, instead of focusing on your passion and talents. It is common for people to get stuck in a rut of dissatisfaction when they disregard their inner talents and desires. Of course it is important to make the business profitable, but you also need to consider your individual contribution so that you can focus on the activities where you really shine.

It can be hard to overcome some of these hurdles on your own, which is why it is beneficial to talk with a business coach for help. An outside expert can assist you in overcoming these common problems, helping you break through the barriers that are holding you back.

If you want to learn more about how you can find happiness in your business efforts, then consider business coaching. Contact Jim McLaughlin for Leadership Development for Business Owners and Managers by calling: (951) 225-2179