3 Home Security Tips to Reduce the Risk of Package Theft

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Online shopping is an integral part of the retail industry, with more people than ever turning to the internet instead of buying goods at a local store. Nothing beats the convenience of a package showing up on the doorstep with just a few clicks of a button.

Even though it is nice to have your shopping options at your fingertips, there is one risk that you might face: package theft. The delivery truck drops a package on your doorstep… but the box is stolen before you bring it into the house.

Security Tips to Minimize Package Theft

Just because you order something online doesn’t mean that you need to be the victim of package theft. Installing a smart home security system is a great way to reduce the chances of something being stolen from your doorstep. Here are three home security tips to help:

  • Install a Doorbell Camera: You can always know who’s at the door when the person rings the doorbell and you have a camera installed. An alert can be triggered on your smartphone so you can look at the video to see who is on the porch. Some security systems even allow you to have a two-way conversation, giving you the option to instruct the delivery person about where the package should be left.
  • Home Access: One option is to install a front door security system that allows you to give the person access. For example, after you verify the identity of the delivery person, you can unlock the door and tell them to leave the package inside. You can have control to unlock the smart lock on the door, then re-engage the lock when they close the door again. All of this activity can be viewed through the doorbell camera.
  • Full CCTV System: An upgraded option is to install a CCTV system that records a larger area than just the front porch. Put a security system sign outside in the front yard so that potential thieves know that your house is being monitored with cameras. If something happens, then you will have evidence showing the person who was involved in the crime.

A home security system is one of the best things you can do to create the peace of mind in knowing that you are protecting your loved ones. For more information about your options, talk to John Snow, ADT Corporate Custom Home Services Division, jrsnow@adt.com, 760-404-5701