3 Reasons Why Every Family Should Have Renewable Energy at Home

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In our modern world, the cost of energy being produced is costing more than just money, because we are also harming our planet with the way we are producing and using energy.  The environment being harmed, affects the health of our planet and all forms of life. Since we all depend on our planet to sustain us, it’s increasingly evident that we should rethink how we obtain our energy.

You might ask yourself, “But, what can I do about it?” It’s a fair question since most of us are not involved in high-level policymaking, industry steering committees, or the like. Yet all of us can have an impact within our own sphere of control and influence. When protecting our planet, our choices really do matter. Here are at least three reasons why you should be using renewable energy in your home:

1. Reduce Your Impact

In the U.S., nearly 29 percent of our emissions come from generating electricity alone. As member of an individual household, we don’t often think about our small contribution to this nationally significant source of global warming. Installing a solar electric system is a small but powerful way to minimize your impact on the planet.

2. Gain Energy Independence

Having a residential solar electric system will make you and your family much less dependent on the electrical grid for power. You will also not be at the mercy of rate increases from the utility company. If your solar system is designed to meet the electrical needs of your family, you will not have to pay the utility company each month for your electricity.

3. Contribute to Public Health

Fossil fuels pollute our air, soil, and water. As we burn them for energy, they emit greenhouse gases that warm our planet. The negative health consequences of this pollution are well documented. When you install a solar energy system on your home, you are choosing to be part of the solution, while still getting the energy resources your family and home require. You can reduce the pollution even further by buying and electric car and using the electricity made from your solar system to power it.

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