3 Steps for Maintaining Long-Lasting Carpet

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When your carpets are properly cleaned and maintained, it’s possible to extend their lifespan so they last twice as long. Even though a little work is needed to take care of the carpets, it’s worth the effort because you can enjoy beautiful carpets and reduce the need to replace them.

Step #1: Vacuuming

When there is dirt in the carpet, it acts as tiny blades that can damage the carpet fibers. As you walk across the carpet, it grinds the dirt against the carpet yarn which can do damage to the carpet, causing it to dull and look worn over time.

Not only should you pull out the vacuum regularly, but make sure you are vacuuming correctly to protect the fibers of your carpets. Set the vacuum to the right height – if it’s too low, then it can damage the carpet. Also, vacuum high-traffic areas at least twice a week.

Step #2: Clean Stains Immediately

Even if you are careful about protecting your carpets, accidents can happen. A seemingly small spill can leave a lasting stain that impacts the overall appearance of your flooring. If there is a spill, then the best thing you can do is clean the stain without delay. There’s a good chance that you can remove it when you act quickly.

Start by using a spoon to remove any solid chunks that are on top. Then, press a clean towel into the stain to blot up as much liquid as possible. Always blot – don’t rub or scrub. Use a quality stain removal product to remove any remaining particles and coloring.

Step #3: Call the Pros

When you need carpet cleaning services, a professional team can deliver much better results compared to a DIY attempt. Steam cleaning is a great way to remove stubborn particles and restore your carpets to their original appearance.

Even though it costs a bit of money for professional carpet cleaning services, most people will agree that it’s worth the investment because they want to protect their carpets. Plus, clean carpets help to improve your living conditions.

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