3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

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When you are preparing to have your carpets cleaned, it is important to understand that the services vary depending on the company that you choose. Not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. So, you need to compare your options to ensure that you choose the service that will match your needs.

Every company can claim to offer the best services, but three things distinguish the pros from the amateurs:

1. Experience of the Technician

The first thing that you need to consider is the experience of the technician. How long has the person been working in the industry? What type of training did they receive? Does the company hold the appropriate certifications?

Formal training is important, followed by hands-on experience in the field. These factors ensure that the team knows how to care for your carpets in the best way.

2. Cleaning Equipment

Also, ask questions about the type of equipment that will be used. Not only do you need a company that uses professional equipment, but you should also make sure that they keep up with the maintenance of the machine. Filters need to be changed, the system needs to be flushed, and the tank should be serviced to prevent contamination and other problems.

3. Quality of the Cleaning Products

Finally, talk to the carpet cleaning company about the types of cleaning products that will be used. If you have specific concerns, then you might ask for products that help with those treatments. For example, in a situation where pet odor needs to be removed, then special cleaning products should be used that have the enzymes which break down the odors.

If you don’t want solvents and harsh chemicals in your home, then you can hire a company that offers a green cleaning service. Traces of these products can be left in your carpet after the cleaning is done, so it is important to avoid ingredients that could be hazardous to your health.

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