3 Things to Do During Health Insurance Open Enrollment

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istock_000041598688_small-300x199Open Enrollment for health insurance has begun, and will last through January 31. We’re all a bit busy right now, what with the holidays and the shopping season beginning, but everyone should take the time to consider their health insurance needs for the next year. Here are four things that everyone needs to do during Open Enrollment.

Evaluate your needs and weigh your options. There is no health insurance plan that is right for everyone. Your choice will come down to factors such as:

  • How often you visit the doctor
  • Whether you have dependents, or will be adding to your family
  • Whether you expect a change in your healthcare needs
  • If you need prescription medications
  • How much premium you can afford each month
  • How much deductible feels reasonable for your budget
  • … and more

The point is to evaluate your health insurance needs, then shop for a plan that best fits those criteria. If your life is changing in any way, you might need to enroll in a new policy.

Consider dental and vision benefits. Healthcare plans aren’t required to offer dental or vision coverage for adults. But we all need dental care, and many of us need vision services (especially as we get older). So while you’re comparing health insurance plans, now is a good time to add a supplemental dental and/or vision plan as well.

Consider a FSA or HSA. A flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) can enable you to use pretax money to cover healthcare expenses, such as premiums, deductibles, medications, glasses or contacts, and more. These are good options for those who enroll in high deductible healthcare plans.

As you can see, health insurance Open Enrollment involves numerous decisions, and sometimes the options can be overwhelming. At JPN Insurance Services, we specialize in helping clients assess all of their health insurance needs. Give us a call at (951) 443-9925, and we can help you sort through your options, decide what is really important, and enroll in the plan that best suits your priorities.