3 Tips for Positioning Business Security Cameras

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Cameras are a great addition to any security system, but many people are unaware how to place them for the best monitoring and deterring effect. Without good placement of your new cameras, you may be fooling yourself into a false sense of security. Here are three quick tips on where you should place your cameras to maximize threat prevention and capture video of any unwanted activities at your home or business:

Evaluate Vulnerable Places Around the Property

Install your cameras around the most common points of entry, such as the front door. Be sure you also have cameras covering any back doors and windows, or any alleyway access points that are not easily visible from the road or front of the building.

Good Lighting Matters

Some cameras have night vision capability. But if your cameras do not, make sure to provide a well-lit area so they can visibly capture their areas of security coverage. If there ever is a security problem, your video footage must be clear and visible so that the authorities can better help you. It’s also a good idea to make sure you avoid installing any security camera in an area where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, since this can cause footage to be washed out and unclear.

Install Cameras Both Inside and Out

The more cameras you can have in your security loop, the better. By installing cameras inside as well as outside, you add more coverage in case thieves or vandals do manage to get inside. On the other hand, outside cameras can help you stay vigilant against any potential threats or suspicious activity that sometimes occurs. This information is useful to relay to authorities if you suspect someone is scouting your home or business as a possible target.

Peace of Mind

A robust camera system will improve the security of your home or business location by providing live footage and recordings of any threats or foul play. You can tie your camera system into your security system for greater synchronized defense. If you’d like to talk further about how cameras can improve your security, call our expert, John Snow, ADT Corporate Custom Home Services Division, jrsnow@adt.com, 951-375-6947.