4 Common Myths about Health Insurance

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The healthcare industry has changed over the years, making it harder than ever to know the best way to navigate the medical care and insurance needed for your family. Today, we are breaking down some of the common misconceptions about health insurance:

Jonathan Nolan
JPN Insurance

Myth #1: Health Insurance is a Luxury Service

Don’t assume that health insurance is an optional service. Instead of being a luxury, having a good insurance plan should be available for every person and family. If a medical crisis hits, then insurance coverage can be the single factor that saves you from a personal financial meltdown.

Myth #2: Young and Healthy People Don’t Need Insurance

Even if you are one of those people who never go to the doctor, it doesn’t mean that health insurance isn’t for you. It is impossible to predict what tomorrow will bring, which is why you should invest in an insurance policy to cover the unexpected costs.

Myth #3: The Health Insurance Provider Covers All Medical Costs

Just because you are paying a monthly premium for a health insurance policy, doesn’t mean that you will never pay anything out-of-pocket for medical services. Often, you are required to pay upfront copays and deductibles each year. It is essential to understand your health insurance coverage so that you know what to expect when it’s time to visit the doctor.

Myth #4: I Can’t Afford Health Insurance

Some people go without insurance coverage because they mistakenly assume that they can’t afford to pay the monthly premiums. You can find the right solution for your family by talking to a health insurance services provider. The cost of these plans varies depending on the amount of coverage that is available, your deductible each year, and other details that affect the details of the plan. Also, consider the potential costs you will bear if you face health issues without insurance coverage.

If you are looking for an affordable solution, then JPN Insurance Services is here to assist. Our goal is to evaluate your situation and help you find a plan that is the perfect fit for the needs of your family. Call today to learn about the options that are available: (951) 443-9925.