4 Easy Upgrades for Your Garage

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Double Garage with flower pot

Most of us spend a lot of time renovating and upgrading our homes. The kitchen could be more functional, the bathroom could be prettier… but what about your garage? In most homes, the garage is a large space full of untapped potential! Or, at the very least, it could be more convenient to use.

Any of the following four upgrades can be installed in only a day or two, aren’t overly expensive, and can have a dramatic impact upon your enjoyment of your home.

Make your garage more attractive. If you have plain garage doors, you might be surprised to learn how small changes in their exterior add to the beauty of your home. One popular upgrade is the “carriage house” look; simple affix classic-style handles to your doors, and use paint or decals to create the look of windows. Note: if you have automatic garage doors, make sure you have enough ceiling clearance for the handles. Other homeowners apply a gel stain to their garage doors for a classy hardwood look.

Insulate your garage doors. It’s no fun to walk into a chilly garage in February! Not to mention, your garage may be more of an energy-sucker than you thought. Many homeowners are insulating the insides of their garage doors to cut down on heating bills and add a little comfort to their garages.

Get organized. You’ve been meaning to do it for years, but you keep putting off the task. Set aside a weekend, buy a few basic necessities, and get that garage organized! Remember, the garage is probably the first thing you see when you return home at the end of each workday. Pulling into a clean, organized space will feel so much more welcoming.

Keep in mind that the walls and even ceiling should be utilized to make the most of your space. Items like lawn equipment and bicycles can be hung overhead so that the floor is clear and uncluttered. Of course, make sure that you don’t hang anything in the way of your garage doors when they are raised!

Replace garage door rollers. If your garage doors are squealing or squeaking, it’s time to change the rollers. You will be relieved of the obnoxious racket, and your close neighbors will be grateful! If you need help with this task, or any other garage door maintenance concerns, give us a call at Precision Garage Door Service (951 331-3254).