4 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve the Cleanliness of a Home in 2017

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No matter how many times you vacuum or scrub the sink, your home will always get dirty again. Life happens and family members make messes, resulting in a situation where you feel like you are always cleaning up after the people in your home. With a proactive approach, you can stay ahead of the mess and maintain a clean living space.

Have you set a resolution to keep your home clean this year? Here are four things that you need to focus on:

1. Load the Dishwasher before BedNew Years Resolutions to Keep Your Home Clean

It feels good to wake up to an empty sink. Before climbing into bed, take a few minutes to quickly load the dishwasher and start it. In the morning, you will have an empty sink and a dishwasher full of clean dishes. This strategy helps you stay ahead of the mess and avoid the problem of caked-on food that is difficult to remove.

2. Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

It is a shock to walk around the house and feel like crumbs are sticking to the bottoms of your feet. The frequency of sweeping and vacuuming varies depending on who is living in your home. If you have young children, then you might need to sweep the kitchen on a daily basis.

3. Pick Up the Clutter

Small items around the house can add up if you don’t stay ahead of the mess. If you feel like a tornado has hit your living room, then take a moment to pick up the items and put everything away. To avoid the problem in the future, look for ways that you can declutter to get rid of unnecessary items in your home.

4. Deep Clean Several Times a Month

Basic cleaning tasks such as wiping down the counters and sweeping the kitchen floor can help you stay ahead of the daily messes. But, you still need to dedicate time to deep cleaning. Mop the floors, scrub the sinks, clean the toilets, and do a thorough job of vacuuming and sweeping. Some people prefer to maintain a schedule of twice a month, while others find it necessary to deep clean once a week.

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