4 Reasons it is Time for Solar Power

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Have you been trying to decide if solar power is right for your home? There are many advantages to installing a solar system, and you shouldn’t delay your decision.  Here are four reasons why it is a great time for solar power:

1. Cut Your Utility BillsSolar Power Reasons

How much money are you spending each month on utilities? These costs can add up over time! Installing solar panels means that you can drastically reduce your utility expenses or eliminate them almost completely. The sooner you schedule the solar installation; the sooner you will start saving money on your monthly bills. This self-reliance is important to help you avoid potential price volatility related to politics and limited fossil fuel resources. Fossil fuels are getting more expensive and solar power is getting cheaper. So, it makes sense to make the switch before utility costs increase even more.

2. Save the Environment

Have you been proactive to reduce your carbon footprint? If you are using a lot of energy, then you could be harming the environment with dangerous emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Solar is a clean and reliable way to produce electricity.

3. Solar Technology Is Getting More Affordable

Solar panels are less expensive now than they have been in the past.  The prices have come down due to economies of scale from manufacturers and technological advances.  Also, the 30% Federal Tax Credit was extended through 2019.

4. Solar Panels Are Made To Last

Solar panels are durable, efficient, and this technology is made to last for many years.   Installing solar panels right now means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits for most of your life.   One decision today can impact your carbon footprint for 20 – 40 years!

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