4 Reasons the Garage Door Needs to be Replaced

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With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality garage door can last for many years. How long have you had your garage door? If you think that it is time to replace the door, then you need to talk to a garage door expert to learn more.

Here are four signs that it might be time to replace your door:boringLogo

1. Safety

If parts of the door are broken, then the safety of your family could be at risk. Operational equipment should be maintained and replaced if it poses a threat because it isn’t working right. Inspect the door, track, and opener to see if there are any parts that are broken or weak.

2. Appearance

An old garage door could have a negative impact on the curb appeal of your home. When you are working to update the property, then you need to look at the benefits of investing in a new garage door. This upgrade can be a cost-effective way to improve the overall appearance of the property.

3. Headspace

Vehicles have changed over the years, and some of the big cars and trucks don’t fit in the garage. For example, if you have a garage door that is over 50 years old, then it probably is using more headspace than a newer model. These old garages were usually designed with a one-piece door, requiring a lot of space for it to move up and down. Replacing the door will make more room in the garage. As a result, you can pull in a truck, suburban, or another large vehicle.

4. Function

When the garage door opener stops working, you need to take action to replace the equipment. It can be frustrating to have to manually open and close the door each time you are accessing the garage. If you are going through the effort to improve function by replacing the door opener, then you might consider the benefit of replacing the garage door as well.

If you think that is time to replace your garage door, then you need to schedule a consultation with our team. We offer installation, repairs, and maintenance. Call Precision Garage Door Service: (951) 331-3254