4 Reasons to Be Consistent With Car Oil Changes

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It might feel like a hassle to take your car in for an oil change, but there are several reasons why you shouldn’t skip this regular maintenance. Here are a few reasons why you need to change the oil on your vehicle when recommended by the manufacturer::

Prevent Sludge in the CarTemecula Oil Change

When you drive the car, debris is collected and can gather inside the oil. Dust, dirt, and other elements can contaminate the oil, and eventually turn into sludge. As a result, the motor parts become sticky and they wear out more quickly. Changing the oil gets rid of the contaminants, so that the new oil is fresh and clean.

Change the Oil Filter

The oil filter is designed to minimize the amount of debris that gets into the oil. Each time the oil is changed, it is standard for the filter to be changed as well. When the oil filter is changed regularly, it is another step to reduce the collection of contaminants and the formation of sludge in the engine.

Maintain Good Lubrication in the Engine

Oil is used to keep engine parts moving smoothly, and the greasy surface reduces the friction and rubbing of the piston and the piston walls within the engine. Over time, the heat of the engine begins to break down the oil, and can eventually cause the engine parts to start rubbing together. Regular oil changes will maintain the lubrication to reduce the chances of the friction between the parts.

Keep Oil Levels Full

Your car might have a slow oil leak, causing the oil levels to drop while you are driving it. Low oil levels can cause serious engine damage, so it is good to check these levels on a regular basis. Consistent oil changes will keep these levels in a good range.

Is it time to change your oil? Or, do you need help with regular car repair and maintenance? These ongoing car maintenance tasks are important to help you preserve the quality of your car and extend the amount of time that you will be able to drive it.

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