4 Tips to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

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Real estate agents are marketers by trade, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that they are good at promoting their own services. However, figuring out whether an agent is actually good at what they do, and whether they will be a good match for your needs can be challenging for even the best of us. Fortunately, there are things to look for that can help you assess an agent’s potential. When the time comes to buy or sell a home, here are four tips for choosing the right real estate agent:

Lloyd Mize

Have a Conversation with the Agent’s Recent Clients

Most agents worth their salt will have no problem putting you in touch with their past clients. You can ask for a list of homes they’ve listed and sold over the past 12 months, including contact information. Ask a few past clients how much they sold their home for compared to their asking price. You can also ask how long the home was listed before it sold.

Learn How Much Experience the Agent Has

Just ask the agent, or check with the state licensing authority about how long they’ve been working as an agent. More seasoned agents will have at least five years of experience. Any less and they are likely still learning their craft. Try to get an agent that specializes in a particular market segment and price range. Better still if they actively work in a focused geographic area.

Review the Properties Currently Listed By the Agent

Look online to research what kind of homes the agent handles in the course of their business. Do the homes listed on their site reflect the types of properties you would like to buy or sell? Are they listed in the same neighborhood or area? Are the prices similar in value to what you’re looking for?

Look Online for Reviews and Information

An online search can uncover information about the agent’s reputation. Search for the agent’s name, as well as the name of the real estate group that they belong to.

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