4 Trends for Residential Garage Door Openers

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Consumers are asking for improved residential garage door openers, and the market is quickly responding. Recent consumer trends indicate people want openers that are quiet, powerful, fast, safe, secure, and convenient. Here’s what you should know:

1. Quiet, Please

Consumers have strongly asked for openers that are less noisy. The groaning and whining of a garage door being lifted by a chain and somewhat loud AC motor are becoming more disruptive. This trend is largely a result of changes in home-building and living arrangements.  Modern homes are often being built in multi-housing arrangements, tightly configured with shared walls and bonus rooms above the garage space. Discerning consumers are noticing every sound and vibration.

2. Crank the Power

Consumers want their garage door openers to be powerful. No one wants to worry as they watch a scrawny motor wheeze and sputter when lifting a heavy wooden, carriage house, or sectional garage door. What might happen with the additional weight of moisture after a rain or snow storm? Most folks don’t want to find out, so they are asking for openers with plenty of power.

3. Make it Fast

Waiting on a slow garage door to open or close has become a pain point for many people. Consumers have asked for speedier open and close speeds, and manufacturers have answered. The latest residential garage openers available on the market can open and close a garage door as fast as 12 inches per second. That’s fast.

4. Keep it Safe, Secure, & Convenient

When it comes to garage door systems, a broken spring, a slack chain hoist, or an imbalanced door are all examples of safety hazards. If such problems go unnoticed long enough, property damage or bodily harm could occur. Consumers want to know before things really go wrong. As a result, garage openers have been upgraded with smart sensors and technology to send repair alerts.

Smarter garage tech also provides additional security options, such as vacation lock mode, and the convenient ability to check via an app whether your garage door is open or closed.

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