5 Best Carpet Care Tips for the Summer Months

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Do you find that the carpets start looking dirtier in the summer months? It’s normal for carpets to collect dirt and grime during this time of year since you have more foot traffic: the kids are out of school, you are hosting parties, and guests are coming to stay. Additionally, pet odors and stains can start to add up when the furry family members are shedding their winter coats.

Tips to Protect Your Carpet This Summer

You can’t avoid dirt from being tracked inside. But there are things that you can do to minimize the mess and protect your carpets at the same time:

  1. Take the Food Outside: Instead of worrying about popsicles on the carpet or spilled drinks, host your meal in the backyard or at the park. You’ll have fun with friends and family without the stress of indoor messes.
  2. Invest in New Mats: Not only does a welcome mat offer a nice greeting for visitors, but it also helps to keep your carpets clean. Place a sturdy mat outside and and another one inside the door.
  3. Remove Your Shoes: Implement a no-shoes policy in your house. Ask family and guests to take off their shoes when they come through the door. Consider placing a shoe rack near the door for easy storage.
  4. Treat Spills ASAP: If something spills on the carpet or you find a new stain, be proactive about treating the spot as soon as possible. Accidents happen, which is why you should always have a carpet spot treatment solution on hand.
  5. Schedule Carpet Cleaning: Don’t forget to book a carpet cleaning service! Bringing in the pros twice a year is an excellent way to keep your flooring looking great in the summer months and throughout the rest of the year.

Our pro team at Home Perfect Carpet and Tile Cleaning is here to help. These services are a good investment because they can extend the life of your carpets and minimize the need to replace the flooring prematurely. Feel free to contact us any time to ask questions about available services or schedule an estimate and consultation. Call Scott Peterson at (951) 303-1333.