5 Signs of Mildew Problems After Carpet Cleaning

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A DIY approach for carpet cleaning might seem like a good idea if you want to minimize your costs. But there are a few things that you need to know before undertaking this project. As a carpet cleaning company, it is common for us to get called in to clean up the mess after a homeowner attempted to clean their own carpet. Improper equipment and cleaning products can make the carpets look worse and cause a mildew smell to develop.

DIY carpet cleaning isn’t the only cause of mildew. These problems can also develop from a flood or spilled water that wasn’t cleaned properly. If you suspect that you have a mildew problem in the carpet, then it is essential to contact an experienced carpet cleaning company right away. Addressing the problem immediately will save your carpets and prevent the mildew from worsening.

Formation of Mildew in the Carpets

Mildew is caused by excess moisture left in the carpet fibers and pad. For example, homeowners might use a DIY machine to clean the carpets. These machines are weak compared to the professional grade equipment. The power levels are low to prevent damage to the carpet.

Since the DIY carpet cleanings don’t have a lot of power, the water and cleaning solution will be left behind in the carpet. This issue must be addressed within 24 to 48 after the carpet cleaning if you want to avoid mildew. These are some of the signs that mildew has formed in the carpet:

  1. Brown stains develop on the surface of the carpet
  2. You can feel dampness when touching the carpet
  3. The residue of the cleaning solution makes it hard and stiff to the touch
  4. Soil wicking causes the carpet to look dirtier after the cleaning
  5. An unpleasant odor starts to develop

If you have a mildew odor problem, the best thing that you can do is call a carpet cleaning company right away. We can use a cleaning product with a digester that will destroy the odor-causing bacteria. Better yet… skip the DIY carpet cleaning and call the pros in the first place.

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