5 Steps to Declutter the Messiest Rooms in the House

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Every homeowner has a room or closet that ends up being the area that catches the storage and mess. Clutter adds up and can overwhelm your family: toys, clothing, paper, trinkets, souvenirs, books, and more. How do you reclaim your home if you feel like these items have overtaken your living area?

Here are five steps that you can follow to clear the clutter and feel better about your home:

Step #1: Mental Preparation

Before you pull out the trash bags and donation bins, you need to start with the right mental preparation. Physical clutter is often associated with a mental connection to those items. For example, it might be hard to let go of the toys that your child played with many years ago. Create a mindset that you are ready to open space in your life, and it will make it easier to let go of those items.

Step #2: Design a System

All items can be sorted into three categories: keep, donate, or trash. Set out boxes for these categories, giving you a system to follow as you evaluate each item. Consider creating an undecided pile if you need time to talk to other people in your family about specific things.

Step #3: Touch Every Item

Make it a point to touch every item in the drawer, box, or closet. Giving attention to each item will force you to decide between keeping that item or getting rid of it. After touching that item, place it in the appropriate category based on your decision.

Step #4: Deep Clean the Storage Area

Always wipe down the shelving and clean the floors when the storage area is clear. You might hire the services of an experienced cleaning team if you don’t want to scrub down the shelves by yourself.

Step #5: Organize Everything

As you are putting the “keep” pile back into the storage area, make sure that you have an organized system to find the things that you are keeping. This organization will reduce the risk that you will face a big task again in the future.

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