5 Ways Video Marketing Can Catapult Your Profits

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If you’re marketing your business online, you know that creating informative, compelling content is the key to your success. You’re using your website, blog, and social media presence to build credibility as a business leader, and to develop a relationship with your target demographic. But there is another crucial element you should consider adding to your online marketing strategy. Video content. Consider the following five reasons that marketing with video can help you achieve your goals.

video cameraVideos get more attention. Some people like to read their online content, and your blog is designed to appeal to that segment of your audience. But don’t forget that many people prefer to get their information through video. Diversifying the way you convey information is akin to speaking the language of your audience. Plus, video stands a much greater chance of grabbing attention when you share it on social media sites. It’s much harder to scroll past a video playing in your news feed than it is to ignore a blog post.

Videos help you build a relationship. The more personal feel of a video helps your viewers feel as if they’ve already “met” you. As a business owner, you’re probably already aware that most people prefer to do business with someone they know. Hearing your voice, seeing your face, and feeling as though you’ve already had a conversation with you is much more compelling to potential customers than reading through content on your website.

Video makes you more approachable. You can use video to explain yourself, your business, and your products or services in a much more friendly way. Answering questions in a “face to face” format inspires trust and confidence in you and your business.

Video pulls in a larger audience. Videos are notorious for “going viral”, especially if they’re humorous or particularly entertaining. This means potentially thousands of people could view a single video that you produce, and your audience has just multiplied in a very big way.

Video is easy to produce. You might be thinking that you don’t have the time or budget to produce a commercial like the ones you see on TV. But online videos are an entirely different species. You don’t have to spend an enormous sum of money on production. In fact, a more casual approach feels more personal, and will endear you to your audience.

Video offers a great way to reach your target audience, inform and entertain them, and begin a relationship with new potential customers. Make sure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to grow your business!  Contact Peter Schlemmer of Peter Schlemmer Productions to learn more.  (951) 719-5088 or peter@peterschlemmer.com.