5 Tips for Maintaining Vibrant Hair Color All Year Long

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Whether you prefer platinum blonde, a warm brunette, jet black, or even bright pink, your color-treated hair is going to require a little bit of extra care to retain the bright vibrancy that you desire. A few simple steps can go a long way to maintain the bright, vibrant color that looks great.

Danielle Roy, Senior Stylist

Acappella Suites

Not only can you maximize your investment by protecting the dyed color of your hair, but you can also ensure that you look great every day of the week. Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Hold Off on the Shampoo: After your hair has been professionally dyed, it is important to wait a few days before the first wash. The best solution is to give your hair at least 72 hours before getting it wet and applying shampoo.
  2. Use Quality Hair Products: Cheap shampoo and conditioner often contain sodium laureth sulfate, which makes it foam. This ingredient (and other similar sulfates) strip your hair of natural moisture, oils, and color. Avoid this problem by choosing salon-quality, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Turn Down the Water Temperature: While it feels luxurious to take a hot shower, warm water will make your hair fade faster. The heat of the water makes the hair cuticle open, which means that the color will escape. Turn the water as cold as you can stand it when washing your hair, then pull your hair out of the way and finish the shower with a comfortable temperature.
  4. Avoid Chlorine: If you are going to spend time in a public pool, then it is best to avoid getting your hair wet. The chlorine will strip the color and make your hair fade faster. Consider tying up your hair and keeping your head out of the water while you are enjoying the pool.
  5. Reduce Frequency of Hair Washing: Every time you wash your hair, a little bit of the hair dye will wash away too. Instead of washing your hair daily, try washing two or three times a week. Dry shampoo is a great alternative for off-days.

Professional hair dye lasts longer than DIY solutions, so it’s worth the investment to visit a good salon. For more information, call Danielle Wohltman-Roy, a Professional Hair Dresser and Senior Stylist at Acappella Suites. Call to schedule an appointment: (951) 676-5980