5 Tips to Boost Hair Volume

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Hair Are you dissatisfied with your hair volume? Just because your hair is limp, doesn’t mean that you need to deal with a chronic bad hair day. A few small changes to your beauty routine can go a long way to add volume so that you can fall in love with your hair once again.

Follow these simple tips to boost the volume of your hair:

Danielle Roy

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  1. Change Shampoo: If you are using hair care products that were purchased at the grocery store, then there is no doubt that your volume is being affected by these products. Too often, harmful chemicals and bad ingredients cause a buildup on the hair over time. Talk to your stylist to choose a professional grade product that will improve both volume and the health of the hair follicles.
  2. Vary Your Part: It is easy to slip into the habit of always parting your hair in the same place. But, this practice encourages the hair to stay flat. Switch your part to the other side of your scalp, or get rid of the part altogether. Use a spritz of hairspray to hold the style in place.
  3. Schedule a Haircut: When the hair length starts to grow out, it can cause the ends to look stringy and unhealthy. Also, keep in mind that too many layers can make your hair look flat and thin. Talk to your stylist about cuts and styles that will work best for your hair type.
  4. Blow Drying Techniques: Use the blow dryer to add a volume boost to the hair. Instead of pointing the dryer to lay the hair flat, position the air stream in an upward motion. Try flipping your head upside down and using the blow dryer to blast the roots.
  5. Add Extensions: While extensions are often used to add length, don’t overlook the benefits of using extensions to add volume. You can maintain the same hair length and create a thicker, fuller appearance using salon-quality extensions. Minimize maintenance by choosing semi-permanent extensions instead of clip-ins.

You always have access to personal recommendations for your hairstyle. Contact Danielle Wohltman-Roy, a Professional Hair Dresser and Senior Stylist at Acappella Hair Design & Color Studio to schedule an appointment and learn more about the ways that you can improve your appearance: (951) 676-5980