6 Tips for Keeping Ants From Getting Inside

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It can definitely ruin your morning when you open a syrup bottle to find ants crawling around. When did ants get in the house? And what can you do about it? Some things are worth trying to prevent ants from taking over your pantry.

6 Tips for Ant Prevention

The last thing you want to do is cross your fingers and hope that ants won’t enter your home. Here are some tips for keeping ants outside where they belong:

  1. Wash Dishes Daily: The food left behind on dishes after dinner is like calling out to ants, “Free food can be found here!” Please do not make it so easy for them, and wash your dishes right after dinner.
  2. Sweep and Mop: Crumbs accumulating on the floor of your kitchen can attract ants. Make a regular routine of sweeping daily and mopping at least once a week to wipe up the sticky spills.
  3. Eliminate Ant Trails: Ants leave trails for their fellow friends to find the pathway to free food. Spray down the tracks and see if you can see any break-off trails leading to other areas of your home. Wipe those away as well.
  4. Store Food in Sealed Containers: Store all of your sugary foods in sealed containers to prevent enticing smells and easy access.
  5. Wipe Down Surfaces: The countertops in your kitchen can become sticky and welcoming to ants. Clean them daily to keep ants away.
  6. Seal Off Cracks: Ants get in through cracks under your door or in the back of cupboards. Seal off these cracks, so they don’t have a way of entering your home.

You can do your best to prevent these tiny pests from sneaking into your home and crawling all over your kitchen and bathrooms. Unfortunately, these tips can’t guarantee that you’ll be ant-free this summer.

It can feel overwhelming when your home is infested with unwanted pests. And it’s not easy to take on your ant problem yourself. Give us a call at Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697.