6 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Device From Hackers

Filed under: IT Support

Victoria Rausch
Owner, Davik Consulting, Inc.

We often focus on protecting your business network from malware and hackers. But as increasingly more employees work remotely, we must all be concerned about our personal mobile devices, too. Share these tips with your employees so that they can keep their devices – and potentially your data – safe from prying eyes as they work from various locations.

Don’t use public WiFi for certain tasks. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t stop to think before accessing sensitive files or logging into financial accounts across public connections. Use your mobile network for that, or secure connections only.

Turn off apps and features that you’re not using. Hackers can access mobile devices through features like GPS, geotracking, or Bluetooth. Turn those off when you don’t need them, and before using work-related features.

Be careful with apps, and keep an eye on them. Only download apps from trustworthy sources with solid reputations. Get rid of apps that you don’t use anymore, and update the ones you use regularly.

Install software updates when prompted. Once developers discover a potential security risk in your device’s software, they release updates to secure it. But you won’t receive those updates if you don’t allow your phone, tablet, or laptop to install them.

Lock up your device. Use a very secure password, facial recognition, or fingerprint technology to secure your device. If it’s lost or stolen, it will be difficult for bad actors to extract sensitive data from it.

Watch out for fishy links and attachments. You’ve heard us say this many times – Don’t click links or attachments in emails unless you’re certain of the sender and their motivations. This applies to your phone as well as your computer. Malware is often installed once you click the wrong thing, and it only takes once!

And of course, remember that if you have questions or need assistance with your network security, contact Victoria Rausch of Davik Consulting at 888-RING-MY-TECH.