7 Reasons You Should be Using Email Marketing

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It can be difficult for the small business owner to decide how to spend their marketing budget. You want to stay in touch with your customers, nurture leads, and develop new contacts, and you want to accomplish these goals in an efficient manner. Without an enormous budget for a complicated, flashy ad campaign, you decide to invest your resources into a digital marketing strategy that brings results. But which method should you choose?

Email marketing is often the perfect solution for small business owners. You can create messages, personalize them, and then blast them out to your entire email database. And you can be sure that your targeted contacts are seeing your messages, because nearly everyone checks their email daily.

And aside from being a worthwhile investment of your time, email marketing can benefit your business in at least seven other ways.

Communication conceptNurture current leads. Many of your email contacts will be people who viewed your website and followed your call to action. They agreed to receive email communications from you, which means they are curious about your products or services. Now you can nurture that lead in a simple, straightforward manner. As your contacts receive regular emails from you, over a period of weeks or months, they feel as if they get to know your business. When they need your products or services, guess who they’re most likely to call or visit?

Get to know your audience, and let them get to know you. Most of us would rather do business with someone we know and trust. Regular online contact breeds a sense of familiarity, and your contacts are much more likely to choose you over the competition.

Boost your sales. Since you have gathered emails from people who choose to receive your messages, you’ve created a database of people who are close to making a decision. They’re “sales ready”, and each mass email you send is likely to result in a few visits or phone calls.

Maintain relationships with past clients. People are creatures of habit, and are more likely to return to a business they have utilized in the past. However, they can be lured away by the competition in the meantime. Regular emails help you stay in touch with former customers, and makes the more like to bring you repeat business in the future. Email is also a great way to promote new products or services to an already “warmed up” audience.

Gain insight into your customers. Better understanding your target audience is an important marketing goal that many business owners overlook. By analyzing the impact of your messages, you can learn about the interests and preferences of your customers, and use that information to your benefit in the future. An email marketing program allows you to see which emails have higher open rates, which links your audience is clicking, and so on.

Reach a larger audience. Do you know anyone who does not have an email address? It’s pretty rare these days! Since nearly everyone uses email, and messages can be checked from a variety of devices, email is keeping us better connected than ever before. You can be sure that you’re reaching your target audience this way.

Foster familiarity with your brand. We know that for most people, strong visuals are associated with greater memory recall. Include your company logo with your emails, and you will be the first thought on a contact’s mind when they need your products or services.

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