9 Ways to Secure Your Home and Deter Thieves

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Burglar entering through the balcony windowNo one likes to think about it, but the average home is not impenetrable to burglars. The people you love most, as well as your most valued possessions, are shielded from the world by simple wood and glass structures. It’s not that difficult to break into a home, but you can make it much harder (and less appealing) by following these nine steps to home security.

Change the locks. You never know how had a key to your house before you moved in… so the first order of business should be to change all of the locks!

While you’re at it, install deadbolt locks. A deadbolt provides much stronger protection than just a standard door lock.  There are even systems that allow you to remotely open and close deadbolt locks from anywhere, schedule the doors to open, and ensure they lock after the door is closed – all by using your Smartphone!

Use a metal bar to lock sliding doors or windows. Placing this bar in the tracks can prevent burglars from forcing the door or window open.

Use interior door hinges. It sounds crazy, but rather than fussing with locks, a burglar can actually remove your entire door! If your doors are hung with hinges on the outside of the house, remove them and use interior hinges instead.

Consider your windows. If windows are made up of many smaller panes of glass, rather than one large pane, burglars are discouraged from attempting to break several of them and climb through. Window locks are key, no matter what kind of windows you have, and burglar-resistant glass is another excellent choice.

Give the impression that someone is home. Set your lights to a timer, so that they turn on and off when you’re away. Parking a car in the driveway is a good idea, if you’re going on vacation. Having a friend collect your mail, or asking the post office to hold it, can prevent would-be burglars from figuring out that no one’s home.

Don’t leave a spare key in obvious places. Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving a spare key in the mailbox, under a potted plant on the porch, or some other very obvious location. If you absolutely feel the need to leave a spare key outside somewhere, put it in a less-obvious place. Even better, leave a key with a neighbor.

Install lights connected to a motion detector. Install these lights in shadowy corners or parts of your home’s exterior that are not easily visible to neighbors. These are preferred entry points for burglars, but a light suddenly switching on should do the trick to scare them away.

Install an alarm system. This is the most logical, but essential home security step. A professionally installed home security system will immediately alert the police that there is a problem. And of course, once burglars see signs of a home security system, they’re not likely to mess with you anyway.

If you do choose to install a home security system, remember that all wires should be well hidden and inaccessible to burglars who might simply cut them to disable the whole system.  Now all systems can be equipped with cell phone service and batteries.  They can connect to monitoring centers even if your phone or cable lines are cut.

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