A Detailed Home Spring Cleaning Checklist

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It is common for homeowners to feel the motivation to get started on their spring cleaning during the months of March and April. As the weather warms up, it makes sense to get these household tasks done before the heat of the summer sets in. If you want to freshen up your home and prepare your family for the busy summer ahead, then right now is a great time to get started.

Getting Rid of ClutterSpring Cleaning Checklist

The most important step is to start getting rid of unneeded items in your home. If too much clutter is taking up the space, then it is difficult to deep clean the area. You might work room-by-room, or schedule a full day to clear all of the clutter in the house. It’s much easier to handle this task all at once, instead of procrastinating by doing just a little bit at a time.

Start at the Top and Work Down

It is best to work top-to-bottom when you are deep cleaning, to prevent the need to re-do areas that have already been cleaned. Examples of high level cleaning tasks might include dusting ceiling fans, clearing cobwebs in the corners, wiping the blinds, and washing sticky fingers off cupboards.

Once these higher tasks are completed, then you can move lower in the room. Don’t forget to wipe the baseboards, and have the floors professionally cleaned.

White-Glove the Kitchen and Bathrooms

When the kitchen and bathrooms are deep cleaned, then it is easier to clean up the rest of the house as well. Deep clean the bathroom to eliminate gunk and build-up around the faucets, in the shower, and on the floors. Make sure that you are using quality cleaning products and the right tools to get rid of hard water buildup and stains that might be caused by regular wear and tear.

Tasks in the bathrooms should include cleaning the faucets, scrubbing the counter, cleaning the toilet bowl, wiping down the outside of the toilet, wiping the cupboards (inside and out), and cleaning the floor.

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