Buying an Older Home: Watch for These Potential Problems

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Most buyers know that they will need to spend some money on home improvements if they choose to buy an older home. Whether you want to complete a full renovation or you are only planning on a few aesthetic improvements, you need to be sure that you have enough cash on hand after closing on the deal.

Lloyd Mize

A good inspection can help you identify problems that will need to be addressed. But, sometimes other miscellaneous tasks are overlooked by the inspector. It is essential that you find these potential problems as soon as possible, giving you leverage during the negotiations.

Old Appliances that Need to be Serviced

What appliances are included with the purchase of the home? Never assume that the appliances are in good condition unless they are new or you can view the service records for the machines. It can be frustrating to buy a home and immediately need to spend a few thousand dollars on unanticipated appliance purchases. Check the quality of all equipment, including the fridge, stove, HVAC system, water heater, dishwasher, and more.

Gas Connections that are Leaking

Check to see if any of the systems in the home rely on gas: the water heater, gas stove, dryer, and more. These connections could be leaking, causing a threat to your family. If a spark comes in contact with a small leak, then it could send your house up in flames. Bring in an expert to inspect the connections and complete repairs if required.

Landscaping Issues

Landscaping can run your home improvement bills sky-high. Check for old trees that might be threatening your property. If a big wind storm comes through the area, then the tree branches could potentially damage the exterior of your home. Tree trimming services are much cheaper than paying for the cost of renovations to repair the siding, windows, roof, and more.

It is essential that you enlist the services of an experienced real estate professional to help. Your agent can identify potential issues that need to be addressed, helping you avoid serious financial expenses after you move in. For the best real estate services in Temecula, call Lloyd Mize at The Lloyd Mize Realty Group at (951) 551-1677