Buying or Selling a Home? You’ll Likely Need THIS…

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As I’m helping families with their mortgages, I find that the majority of my clients are in the midst of a major life change. As a result, they are going to have to hire a ton of help: from cleaners, to insurance, to movers for all of the services that are required during this time. I have worked hard to build a solid network of referrals for everything that might come up when you are moving from one house to another. Today, I talked to John Ruff, of Ruff and Ready Moving, about why he’s the best mover in the area.

The Best Moving Company in Temecula

Ruff and Ready Moving has been serving residents in the Temecula area for six years, and the team takes pride in offering the best services that are available. What makes their company unique? Here are a few reasons why they stand out from the competition:

  • The best equipment is used for every move
  • The workers are paid well, helping to improve employee satisfaction and performance
  • Every employee has gone through a thorough background check and drug tests
  • The company is licensed by the Public Utilities Commission (only 3 or 4 movers in the area are actually licensed)

Everyone has dealt with movers. Similar to the mortgage industry, there are a few bad players that have left people with a negative impression of the industry. But, John and his team are making a difference by offering quality services that you can trust. If you need a crew that you can rely on, then John’s team is the company that you need to hire.

If you are going to bring in a moving company, then it is essential that you hire a licensed team to avoid insurance or liability problems. For example, if an injury happens on your property during the move, then you can rest assured to know that insurance coverage will take care of the costs and you don’t need to worry about being held liable to pay the medical expenses.

I’m only looking for the best people to partner up with, and John’s company is an easy pick for my list of referrals. Visit his website to learn more about the services. If you need mortgage information visit my website. Bill Provost, Franklin Loan Center. Or call (425) 241-1922.