California is in the Top 10 for Most Expensive Electricity Rates in the Nation

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It’s no surprise that the cost of living in California is increasing each year. Many families are feeling the pinch in their pocketbooks as they are trying to keep up with rising housing prices, high utility rates, and expensive food costs.

8th in the Nation for Electricity Prices

Did you know that California has been ranked as one of the most expensive states for utility rates? It has been found that California is 8th in the nation for the highest electricity prices. These rates continue to climb each year, causing utility costs to go up.

Even if you are careful about turning off the lights and managing your utility usage each day, it is still expensive to maintain the electricity needed for your home. As a homeowner, it can be frustrating to deal with these high electricity prices, especially when you feel like there is nothing you can do.

The Solution: Solar Installation

Regardless of the electricity prices, it is a good time to consider your options to manage your utility expenses. You can generate power from solar panels, helping to reduce the amount of money that is spent each month on your electricity bills. As the electricity rates go up, you will save more money over the years since you are generating your own energy from the sun.

Solar panels give you the benefit of generating energy as long as the sun is shining. These panels produce the energy that is used to turn on your lights, run the appliances, and power all of the conveniences that you use each day in your home or business.

Additionally, solar installation gives you the opportunity to do your part in protecting the environment and lowering your carbon footprint. Electricity from the grid is sourced from coal and oil. We need to consider the long-term environmental impact of using these fossil fuels for modern conveniences. Instead of polluting our beautiful planet, we can switch to solar energy to reduce the effects of global warming and leave a cleaner planet for our children and grandchildren.

It’s a great time to learn more about solar energy for your home or office. For more information, contact our team at New Day Solar: (855) 444-6329 or visit us online at  We have been installing solar electric systems for 31 years and we will give you honest answers to all of your solar questions.