Carpet Cleaning: Professional Services vs Equipment Rental

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If it’s time to clean your carpets, how do you decide whether to call for professional services or rent DIY equipment from a local store? There are multiple factors that should be considered before you decide how to move forward with your carpet cleaning.

Pros and Cons of DIY Carpet Cleaning

It might seem like a simple solution to run to a local hardware store and rent a DIY carpet cleaning machine. Before hauling the rental equipment home, make sure to understand the potential pros and cons of DIY carpet cleaning:

  • Time Investment: Not only does it take time to pick up the carpet cleaning equipment and load it into your car, but DIY carpet cleaning is quite a bit more time and labor-intensive compared to professional services. Your time is valuable. Why spend your evening or weekend hours on this project when you can call the experts for fast and effective services instead?
  • Quality Results: Even though the water is turning dirty when you are using a DIY carpet cleaning machine, this equipment doesn’t have the power and technology available with professional carpet cleaning tools. You want quality results, and the best results come from a pro team. Not only do we bring equipment that can extract the dirt and pull up stains, but we also have various cleaning solutions and treatment options to deliver the high-quality results that you deserve.
  • Cost Considerations: When you look at the out-of-pocket cash, it’s easy to see that DIY carpet cleaning is cheaper compared to professional services. But don’t forget to factor in the value of the time you are spending on the DIY project. Also, it’s likely that you will need to repeat the carpet cleaning again soon after a DIY cleaning because the results are subpar compared to expert services. It’s worth the expense to pay for professional carpet cleaning.

Whether you want to freshen one room or you are ready to clean all the carpets in the house, our team is here to assist. Call the carpet cleaning experts at Home Perfect Carpet and Tile Cleaning. We are here to help with residential and commercial services. Contact our owner, Scott Peterson, at (951) 303-1333 if you would like a free estimate.