Carpet Cleaning Tips When Pets are in the House

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An indoor pet, such as a dog or cat, can be another member of the family. Even though you love the companionship, it can be a challenge to clean up the messes that are made by the animal. Some people find it difficult to stay ahead of the odors, pet hair, and stains that often pop up. Even if your animal is trained, accidents happen.

Having pets doesn’t mean that you need to tear out the carpets. Instead, it is important that you have a good system in place to address the accidents as soon as possible. Follow these tips:

Spot Clean Right Away

If there is a mess on the carpet, the spot needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. Fast action will minimize the damage. Start by placing a towel over the spot and stand on it to absorb the moisture. Then, use the right cleaning spray that breaks down the proteins in the urine to avoid smells and stains in the future.

After the spot is clean, considering using equal parts white vinegar and water to deter the pet from leaving a mess in that spot again.

HEPA Filtered Vacuum

Animals that shed will leave hair all over the house. It is important that you are consistent with the vacuuming. Use a HEPA filtered vacuum to pick up the hair and dander. This cleaning is beneficial to get rid of the compounds that might be pushed down into the carpet.

Procrastinating the vacuuming could result in a buildup of hair that clogs the vacuum. Instead of waiting, vacuum often so that you can pick up the hair in the early stages. Also, be careful about cleaning the vacuum and filters regularly to avoid damage or wear and tear on the vacuum.

Regular Carpet Cleanings

Even if you are consistent with the ongoing activities, it’s smart to bring in a professional carpet cleaning company. We can clean your carpets several times a year, using the best products in the industry that are designed for pet messes. This step will protect your carpets and help you maintain a clean, comfortable home.

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