Checklist for Open Enrollment 2022: 8 Things You Should Do Now

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Jonathan Nolan
JPN Insurance Services

Each year, you have a chance to change health insurance plans based on your needs for the upcoming year. If you expect an increase in medical needs in the future, maybe it’s time to increase your health insurance coverage. Let’s take a look at how to assess the potential changes to your plan.

Checklist for Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is the one time per year that you have a chance to change your health insurance plan. The only other time you can make changes is during a qualifying life event like a birth, death, marriage, or loss of coverage.

Follow this checklist to recognize the changes that need to be made:

  1. Review all medical, dental, and vision charges over the whole year. Did you utilize your benefits? Do you have upcoming medical needs that would warrant increasing or decreasing the plan’s coverage?
  2. Add upcoming prescriptions, doctor’s visits, and procedures that will occur in 2022. Get as much down about 2022 that you can know right now. Do you have a newly diagnosed health condition that needs better care?
  3. If you have an FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (health savings account), review the spending and see if you should increase or decrease the thresholds for 2022. Can you maximize your benefits by increasing the tax savings limit on your FSA?
  4. Determine which family members will be covered under the plan in 2022. Do you anticipate adding any family members in 2022?
  5. Educate yourself on all the new options that are offered through your health insurance. Maybe there is a plan that will better suit your medical needs. Once you have looked at this year’s spending, it could be possible that you had more medical costs than you predicted.
  6. Review changes to your current plan, including deductibles, co-pays, HSA, and FSA regulations. Are there changes that may warrant switching to a new plan?
  7. Talk with your spouse or partner about the available plans. Stay on the same page so that you know what medical coverage you will have in 2022.
  8. Select which plan will be the best fit for your family in 2022. It’s decision time.

Once you’ve made your decision, you can file the proper paperwork to ensure the best health insurance for your 2022 needs. You can ask for help from your employer or contact an insurance expert.

Call us at JPN Insurance Services as you prepare for the end of the year. We can help you decide if it is time to switch plans for maximum savings. Contact us at (951) 443-9925.