Cleaning Fire and Smoke Damaged Carpets

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Fire and smoke can cause serious damage to carpets and rugs. Discoloration, odor, soot, and debris can leave you wondering how you should go about the cleanup. Even if the fire was minor, it could still require a lot of effort to clean your floor coverings. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, here are a few tips to cleaning smoke damaged carpets.

Replace Carpets with Severe Damage

First of all, if the damage is extensive, your best bet is to replace the flooring. Irreparable fire damage can be caused by heat, chemical, soot, and even water poured onto the flames by firefighters. The resulting odor alone may drive you to replace the carpets. However, if restoration professionals think it can be saved, it could be worth the effort.

Let the Fresh Air Flow

After a fire, the smell of smoke and soot can be overwhelming. You need to open the windows. Use fans to encourage an exchange of indoor air with fresh air from outside. Depending on the amount of damage, fresh air may not eliminate the smell entirely, but it certainly will help.

Setup a Dehumidifier and Floor Dryer

Removing any moisture from the air in your home will help with the carpet cleaning process. Humid air can trap soot and ash particles in your carpet. A dehumidifier can aid the cleaning process by minimizing this from happening. And if carpets are wet from any water damage, completely dry them as soon as possible. Do this before attempting to clean or deodorize.

Clean and Deodorize

The smell of smoke and odor will linger until your carpets are cleaned and deodorized. No amount of fresh air or baking soda will overcome this. Clear your floor of all furniture and room items, then use a professional vacuum to remove surface debris and soot. Next, wash and disinfect the flooring with the correct solution.

Call the Pros

In most cases, DIY approach won’t be enough to get the job done. Our carpet professionals at Home Perfect Carpet and Tile Cleaning are experienced in home restoration jobs after a fire. Call our owner, Scott Peterson, at (951) 303-1333 for an expert conversation about your situation.