Cleaning Tips for the 5 Germiest Places in the Home

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While the toilet is often thought to be the germiest spot in your home, don’t overlook other areas where germs can build up with daily living. These areas need to be cleaned regularly to eliminate bacteria and protect the health of your family:

Kitchen Sponges

The National Science Foundation discovered that the kitchen sponge is likely the germiest item in the home. 75% of the time, these sponges come back positive for bacteria, which festers in the sink and is easily spread around your dishes and countertops. Sponges can be cleaned in the microwave for two minutes, and should be replaced at least every 14 days.

Kitchen Sink

While we’re on the topic, don’t overlook the importance of deep-cleaning the kitchen sink. Keep your family safe by disinfecting the sink once a week. Not only does the sink need to be scrubbed with an all-purpose cleaner, but it is smart to sanitize the drain and disposal as well.

Cell Phones

It is possible that one of the germiest items in your home is carried around in your pocket throughout the day. When electronics such as cell phones, TV remotes, computer keyboards, and video game controllers are shared among family members, bacteria are harbored on the surface of these items. Use disinfecting wipes and cleaners designed for electronics to minimize the risk of germs on your electronics.

Bath Towels

Did you know that bacteria and mold can start to grow in a damp towel within 20 minutes? Failing to wash your hand towels and bath towels regularly means that you are drying off with fabric that could increase your risk of infection, allergies, and rashes. Towels should always be washed in hot water after 3 or 4 uses.

Pet Toys

It’s fun to play fetch with the family dog in the back yard, but be careful about the contamination of the toys. Not only are these toys affected by the animal’s saliva, but they also come in contact with the floor and ground outside. Soft toys can put in a hot water cycle in the washing machine, and hard toys should be scrubbed with dish soap.

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