Climate Change: How California Will Be Affected

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Climate change is a hot topic around the world. Temperatures are rising and ice caps are melting, making people wonder how our beautiful planet will be affected in the future. While many of the national news headlines focus on the shocking impact climate change is having on the oceans and rainforests, we shouldn’t overlook the things that are happening in our own backyard.

In the state of California, we’ve seen signs of climate change, which is why many residents are making eco-friendly lifestyle changes. Here are some of the signs that our gorgeous state is being affected by climate change. Not only are we starting to see these signs, but the problems will continue to worsen with time:

  • Drought: The change in weather patterns have impacted the amount of water that is available for our population. Not only is rainfall in the state affected, but our water sources are challenged as well. A large percentage of the freshwater source in California comes from the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains. As winter weather patterns change and snowpack decreases, it results in a California drought.
  • Temperatures: Have you noticed that the summer temperatures have been hotter than normal? As temperatures continue to rise, it is another sign that climate change is happening all around us. In fact, the average global temperature in June was 1.71 degrees F higher than the 20th-century average of 59.9 degrees, making it the hottest June in the 140-year record, according scientists for the NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.
  • Wildfires: It is tragic to see the impact that wildfires have had on our state in recent years. Drought causes forests to dry out, increasing the risk of fire danger. The combination of dry brush and hotter temperature leads to the perfect conditions for uncontained wildfires.
  • Wildlife: As water and air temperatures change, it can impact the environment, which takes a toll on wildlife. For example, fish populations are on the decline because of hot temperatures and water pollution.

Are you ready to make changes in your home to do your part in protecting the environment and our planet? You might consider the installation of solar panels or switching to an electric vehicle. Small changes in our every day life can have a ripple effect to positively influence family and friends.  As all of us do our part in reducing our carbon footprint, we can have an impact in slowing down climate change and help preserve our delicate planet.

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