Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

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iStock_000028519346_SmallWhen you drop tomato sauce or spill red wine on your carpet, it’s understandable that you might panic and reach for the nearest cleaning product. If that doesn’t work, you might grab another, and another, and another! Rather than risking damage to your carpet, slow down and do a bit of research on your stain and the best way to remove it. You can actually do more harm than good if you make one of these common carpet cleaning mistakes.

Waiting too long to take action. An acidic stain can degrade your carpet’s fibers, where as certain substances like red wine can “set in” and become more difficult to remove if you wait. So while you shouldn’t rush and take the wrong action, do know that you should call an expert or research the correct cleaning method immediately.

Using deodorizing powders to clean your carpet. Some people mistakenly believe these powders will soak up and magically remove a carpet stain. But they don’t actually contain the cleaning agents needed to remove stains. These products should be used for deodorizing purposes only.

Forgetting to do a test patch. You never know how a certain chemical may react with your carpet. Always test a small it on a spot of carpet, preferably in a hidden area, before applying to a large stain in a prominent location. Otherwise you could wind up with a very large piece of ruined carpeting.

Over-cleaning your carpet. It’s important to clean your carpet regularly, but some people overdo it. If you’re shampooing it weekly, for example, you’re going to weaken and fade the fibers. Think of carpet cleaning as a spring cleaning type of activity (even if you do it at other times of the year). Give your home and carpet a good deep cleaning once in a while, and maintain in the meantime by vacuuming and avoiding food spills.

Failing to consult with an expert. As with anything else in home maintenance, sometimes it is simply better to consult an expert. Otherwise, you risk making the problem worse instead of better! It’s more affordable than you think, and a thorough, professional cleaning can rejuvenate old tired carpets. For more information, give us a call at Home Perfect Carpet and Tile Cleaning (951) 303-1333.