Damaged Solar Panels: The Next Steps

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Solar panels are thoroughly tested through the toughest of elements, but damage can still occur. What are the most common causes of solar panel damage, and what can you do about it?

You may wonder how you would know if your solar panels have experienced damage. Most people do not frequent walking around the roof. Look for signs in your solar panel performance reports. If some panels quickly decline in total performance, that is your indication that something went wrong.

Types of Solar Panel Damage

Here is a list of the most common types of solar panel damage:

  1. Extreme Weather Damage: Hail, high winds, hurricanes, and tornados may pose harm to your solar panels. If this is the case, look into your home insurance policy to replace damaged panels.
  2. Micro Cracks: The most common cause of underperforming solar panels are micro cracks. Talk with your solar panel installer to find out the details on the warranty to replace the damaged solar panels.
  3. Broken Solar Panel Glass: The tempered glass on solar panels is as durable as the windshield on your car. They are not likely to break unless hit directly by a blunt force. If this were to happen during a storm from a tree fall, you could look into your home warranty to replace the broken solar panel.
  4. Damaged Cells and Wiring: The inverter runs the whole solar panel system, making sure all the energy is collected and distributed throughout your home. Problems with the wiring, inverter, or solar panel cells can be part of the issue with underperforming solar panels.

When you detect damage to your solar power system, be sure to check two things:

  • Solar Panel Warranty
  • Home Insurance Policy

You likely have coverage for the damage through your solar panel warranty or home insurance policy. The list of possible damages can also help you when looking into solar panel warranties. When you know the most common causes of maintenance issues, you will be able to find a warranty that will serve you best.

If you have questions about solar panel warranties, our team at New Day Solar can provide you with answers. First, discuss details specific to your home and power needs. Then, call for a consultation with a solar professional at (855) 444-6329.