Detect Common Problems in Your Air Conditioning Unit

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iStock_000019997651_SmallSummer is quickly approaching, and we have already endured some heat spells. Since the last thing you need during the summer is a broken air conditioner, watch out for these signs of trouble.

You decide it’s time to turn on your air conditioner…and nothing happens. Go ahead and test your air conditioner now, if you haven’t been using it already. You don’t want to wait for a 90-degree summer day to realize your air conditioner won’t turn on! If the unit doesn’t respond, you could have a defective thermostat or a problem with the power supply to the unit.

You turn on the unit… and it blows warm air. This is hardly the blast of refreshing cool air you were expecting! Often air conditioning units will blow warm air because the filters are dirty. Your unit may need to be cleaned due to dirty filters or debris blocking the air flow. Low refrigerant is another potential cause of this problem. Only a licensed HVAC technician can replace the coolant.

Your AC unit is frozen. You wanted it cold, but not this cold! If you discover that your outside unit is frozen, you may have dirty filters or coils. A malfunctioning blower fan may also be the culprit, because cold air is trapped inside the unit.

You turn on your air conditioner….and it never turns off. If your unit runs constantly, you aren’t going to enjoy receiving your electric bill. This problem can be due to faulty relay switches, low refrigerant levels, and several other problems which can only be diagnosed by a certified repair person. Turn off the power to the unit and call for help.

Many of the above problems can be prevented if you perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner. Call Wells Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning to schedule an inspection and cleaning of your unit before summer. (951) 676-7971