Do Solar Panels Work in Cloudy Weather?

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How will your solar panels perform when it’s stormy outside? If you are relying on solar panels for your home’s electricity, then the energy production of these panels is an important factor to consider. For example, some customers are worried that they won’t generate electricity from their solar panels at night or on a stormy day.

Unless you have battery back-up, your solar system will not generate power at night. The inverters turn off when the sun goes down and they start producing energy again when the sun comes up in the morning. These factors are taken into consideration when designing the solar system.

The right design for your solar system can provide the electricity you need, based on the amount of electricity that you use at your home on a yearly average.  Experienced solar designers will measure your roof and determine the amount of solar panels you need.  They will look at your electric bill and find out your average monthly usage and take into consideration shading, solar panel placement, time of year,  etc…. No one can control the weather, but the designer will base the solar production numbers by also using the historical weather in your area. Here is an explanation of why you don’t need to be concerned about solar panels working on a cloudy day:

Connected to the Grid

Most solar systems are connected to the power grid. During the day, you might generate more electricity than you are using in your home. For example, energy usage might be low if you are away at work for the day. This excess energy generated during the day is fed back into the grid and you will receive credits for that contributed energy. This process is called net metering. You can use these credits to help provide your home with electricity at night and on cloudy days.

Battery Storage With Solar

Another option is to invest in a battery storage system to add to your solar system.  The excess energy that your solar system generates during the day is stored in a battery.  You can use that electricity to power certain circuits in your home when the solar system has turned off for the night, during cloudy weather or there is a power outage. Adding battery storage increases the cost of the solar system, but can give you peace of mind if you want to have power if the grid goes down.

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