Does DIY Carpet Cleaning Really Work?

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Whether you have pets and children running around, or the carpets are looking dirty from light wear and tear, many particles can get trapped in the carpet fibers. Carpet cleaning services are essential to pull out the dirt and get rid of the allergens and dust that you don’t want to be breathing.

But, if you are using the wrong carpet cleaning products, then it could potentially trap more harmful materials into the carpets that you are trying to clean. The best way to reduce indoor air pollution and protect your health is to choose natural carpet cleaning services.

DIY Home Remedies: Carpet Cleaning

A quick search online uncovers a lot of DIY remedies to clean the carpets – everything from baking soda to a combination of water/vinegar/salt. These DIY tricks may or may not work effectively, depending on how dirty  your carpets are and what products you are using.

The truth is that DIY carpet cleaning delivers subpar results compared to what you get from professional cleaning services.

Additionally, be careful about how you are scrubbing the spots. It’s better to blot or dab, because rubbing motions can push the stains deeper into the fibers.

Don’t Damage the Carpets

Always be careful because the products you choose could potentially damage the carpets. Both pre-packaged green cleaning mixes and DIY solutions could be harmful to the carpet fibers.

If you are going to try DIY carpet cleaning, then always test a small amount in a spot that is out of sight. Make sure the solution won’t discolor the carpet or cause damage to the fibers.

Best Solution: Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The best way to clean the carpets safely and effectively is to hire a green cleaning team to help. The carpet cleaning professionals will come to your home and leave you with fresh flooring that is free of toxic cleaning materials.

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