Don’t Be Fooled By These Common Heating and Air Conditioning Myths

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As the weather changes throughout the year, homeowners often need to adjust the thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature at home. Understanding your heating and air conditioning system will help you cut back your monthly bills and save money. But, how do you know if a tip is valid or just a wives tale?

Here are some of the most common myths we’ve heard in the industry. Don’t be fooled if you hear one of these suggestions!Wells_logo

Myth #1: Crank the thermostat to quickly adjust the temperature in your home

If you get home and the house is sweltering, then it is easy to see why you would make drastic changes to the temperature on the thermostat. Turning the air conditioner to the max settings might seem like a good idea. However, your HVAC system doesn’t pump out colder air if you make these thermostat changes. Instead, it merely runs the air conditioner for a longer period.

Often, homeowners will set a drastic temperature on the thermostat and then forget to adjust it later. As a result, the house is uncomfortably cool, and the utility bills will be high.

Myth #2: Replace the windows if you want to save money

It is true that thermal transfer can occur at the windows and doors. But, you need to consider the cost of the replacement windows compared to the amount of money that you will save on utility costs. Installing new windows will cost thousands of dollars, and you might never recover that amount in the utility savings.

Instead of spending money on full replacement windows, consider the benefits of sealing the cracks and adding insulation and weather stripping. These upgrades are cheaper, helping to maximize your ROI.

Myth #3: Only use a ceiling fan on hot days

There’s no doubt that a good ceiling fan can be helpful on a hot summer day. But, many homeowners don’t turn on the fan when it’s cool outside. The truth is that a ceiling fan can be helpful to push the heat down so that you can manage the climate all year long. Make sure that the fan is spinning counter-clockwise on hot days, and clockwise on cool days to push down the warm air.

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