Don’t Let a Pest Infestation Make a Home Spooky this Halloween

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The Halloween season is here, and many families enjoy the activity of putting up spooky decorations for the holiday. As you are pulling out the boxes of witches hats and fake spider webs, it is a good time to address problems that might be occurring because of real spiders in your home.

These fake decorations are fun and festive, but a real infestation can leave you feeling uncomfortable in your home. Luckily, a pest control expert can come to eliminate the infestation so that you can enjoy your home with your family.Halloween Pest Control

Spiders, Termites, and Other Insects

Spiders and termites are two common bug problems in California. Throughout the year, it is a good idea to watch for potential signs of these insects in your home. Check the corners and windowsills for spider webs. Examine the eaves and wood materials around your house to see if you can find signs of termites.

Even if there are only a few insects right now, the problem can quickly escalate into an infestation. So, it is best to watch for early signs of bugs and contact a pest control service as soon as possible. Early treatment is much easier compared to waiting until the infestation has spread.

Rats, Mice, and Rodents

Another problem to watch out for is an infestation of rodents. These furry critters can get into your food sources and cause contamination throughout your house. You can often identify signs of mice or rats by looking in the cupboards and pantry for signs of droppings and chewed food packages.

If it is just one or two rodents, then you might be able to set out a few traps and handle the problem on your own. If the rodents have reproduced and there are many mice or rats running around your house, then you need to talk with an experienced pest control team.

As you are putting up the Halloween decorations this year, make sure that you aren’t dealing with a real infestation in your home. Learn more about pest control services by calling Mathews Termite and Pest Service at (951) 751-0885.