Drain Cleaning: Do-It-Yourself or Professional Plumbing Services?

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It is common for the drains to get clogged at some point. These clogs can happen in the bathrooms due to a buildup of hair and toothpaste in the pipes. Or kitchen sinks can become clogged because of small particles of food that block the flow of water. Anytime something is stuck in the pipes; it is important that the clog is removed right away to maintain the proper water flow.

Basic Drain Cleaners

For a minor clog, a chemical drain cleaner might be enough to open up the pipes. These products can be purchased at the grocery store or local home improvement store. Follow the directions on the package to protect the safety of your family and reduce the risk of damage to your sink and pipes.

But, these store-bought solutions don’t provide the thorough results that come from professional plumbing services. Not only does a plumber use high-end tools, but a plumber also offers the years of experience to know the best solutions to clear the drain.

Keep in mind that store-bought solutions, both chemical drain cleaners and pipe snakes, only clear a portion of the clog. There is enough of an opening for some of the water to move through the pipe. Often, significant pieces of the clog are left behind. So, it is likely that the clog will reform again in the future.

Plumbing Services for Long-Term Solutions

The best answer is to hire a plumber to help with the clog. A plumber will evaluate the cause of the clog, then use the proper tools to open up the pipe and prevent the problems again in the future. These tools are expensive and require extensive training for proper use and effectiveness.

Even though it is more expensive to hire a plumber compared to buying a bottle of chemical solution, you will gain the long-term benefits that are needed. In fact, you might save money in the future because you won’t need to address the pipe clog again.

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