Easy Tips to Improve the Function of the Garage Door Sensor

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When a garage door opener is used to provide access to the garage, there are times when it might be necessary to call a maintenance team for repairs and adjustments. Sometimes, an expert is needed to replace the springs or install a new door. But, there are times when a small repair could have been handled by the homeowner.

One common reason why homeowners call our team for garage door repair is that the door won’t close. Or, they can only get the door to close partway down. In most situations, these problems can be easily repaired, but homeowners don’t know where to start.

Why the Garage Door Sensor Matters

The garage door sensor impacts the way the door moves, and it is often the culprit for problems with closing the door. This sensor is installed with the automated garage door opener to protect the safety of your family and belongings.

If the door is moving down and something triggers the sensor, then the door will automatically change directions and move up again. This feature helps to prevent injury or damage to a person or object in the line of the door movement.

Testing and Improving the Function of the Sensor

A few small maintenance tasks might be needed to ensure the performance of the garage door sensor. These small parts are installed about 5” off the ground, and they are typically attached to the tracks or on a nearby wall.

These sensors need to be aligned properly for the garage door to close. Plus, you need to be careful about objects that might block the pathway of the door. For example, if an object is left in front of the sensor, then the door won’t close.

Check the pathway of the garage door to see if anything is blocking the sensor if you can’t get the door to close. Also, inspect the surface of the sensor to see if any grime is blocking the sensor. For example, a little bit of mud could be present on the sensor surface, causing the movement of the door to be impacted.

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